1. PCR based Dengue Diagnostic Kit

  • A cost effective PCR based diagnostic kit for detection of Dengue serotypes caused by A.aegypti with high sensitivity and specificity

    With more than one-third of the world’s population living in areas at risk for infection, dengue virus is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics. Any one of five related viruses transmitted by mosquito causes dengue. Dengue virus is spread principally by A.aegypti. Early recognition and prompt supportive treatment can substantially lower the risk of medical complications and death. Dengue fever is diagnosed by using a combination of the clinical presentation and microbiological laboratory testing. The most prevalent method of diagnosing dengue fever is by viral antigen kits, but the test will not be able to detect dengue serotypes and the sensitivity is 61-99%. There is a lack of reliable and sensitive methods for detection of dengue virus. The present technology provides a PCR based assay for detection of dengue serotypes types with higher sensitivity and specificity.

    Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre has developed a PCR based diagnostic kit for Dengue fever using serotype specific primers. The primers used has high sensitivity and specificity. The diagnostic kit is expected to be cost effective compared to presently available PCR based assays.

    Potential Applications
    Diagnosis of Dengue serotypes caused by A. aegypti.

    Value Proposition

    • Highly specific and sensitive
    • Ability to differentiate serotypes
    • Cost effective compared to existing PCR based assays

    Technology Status
    Kit has been tested in human clinical samples.