1. Smart Panel

  • A highly sensitive, specific and cost effective PCR based fast detection kit for testing industrial applicability of microbes

    Environmental microbes are a great source of industrially valuable enzymes with potent and unique catalytic activities. Most enzymes identified from environmental microbes using culture-based methods, and industrially valuable enzymes are often obtained from newly identified microbes. Traditional identification methods of enzyme producing microbes includes biochemical tests. These methods have certain limitations such as they are time consuming and each test requires different chemicals and isolation of protein or enzyme is necessary. The major disadvantage is that whole information potential of a genome is never expressed, i.e., gene expression is directly related to the environmental conditions (e.g., the growth conditions in the laboratory) and if the favourable environmental conditions are not available the biochemical activity may not be seen. The present technology provides gene level detection of multiple industrially important enzymes in different microbes.

    Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre has developed a colony PCR based identification kit for microbial enzymes using enzyme specific primers. The primers used have high sensitivity and specificity. The identification kit does not involve DNA isolation prior to PCR thus, saves time. This smart panel has fast and accurate gene level detection.

    Potential Applications
    Fast PCR based identification kit for industries and research institutes involved in studies on bio-prospecting of microbes.

    Value Proposition

    • Primer panel for different industrially important enzymes
    • Simple and easy amplification procedure
    • Highly specific and sensitive
    • Ability to differentiate different enzymes
    • Cost effective and novel

    Technology Status
    Kit has been tested successfully for 500 different microbes of microbial repository of Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre.